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Crazy Acre Farm and Animal Sanctuary

Brace yourself for Mail Call unedited and uncensored Monday-Friday at 5pm.  Listen to the adventures of 85 year old, Carlene White at Crazy Acres. 
We are temporarily using Facebook Livestream.  However, next week we should have a new Livestream camera installed.
Watch the livestream video of  "Donkey Hill" at Crazy Acres.  The see the cast of four-legged characters who live on the farm.
All of the animals at Crazy Acres are rescued by the Equine Rescue Network  
Read the "Daily Doggie" blog written each morning by Carlene White.  
Carlene's wacky, unfiltered accounts of the farm operations and life observations.
On the farm:

The animals at Crazy Acres farm are all rescues.  We have big animals, small animals, well behaved animals and not-so-much.  The animals all coexist happily on the 11 acre farm in Ipswich.

Under Construction

Please bear with us as we scramble to catch up with the recent changes.  Give us a week and we will have your access restored to the four-legged friends and 2 legged friend at Crazy Acres.

Buy a Bale

Support Crazy Acres Farm by purchasing a Bale.   As a partner of the Equine Rescue Network, we feed out 10 bales of hay per day. Our average cost per bale is $10.  It takes a village to keep our animal well cared for and fed, so if you want to be part of our village, please use the following link to buy a bale!
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